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This section is broken down in two parts; styleguide and onsite campaigns.


My main responsibilities on this project consisted of developing color combinations and selecting relevant imagery. These creative decisions have helped our partners and agencies to better understand our brand. The styleguide was delivered as a Google slides presentation and the deliverables were launched onsite and offsite.

The Goal After a decade in the market, eBay is relaunching its credit card to reflect our new brand and to offer a more compelling value proposition.

The Scope This creative direction is geared toward the soft launch of the new card, scheduled for October 30. The campaign will run through December 30. 

The Opportunity Extend the spirit of the eBay brand to project the card’s appeal to both loyal eBay customers and new customers who are interested in a line of credit. 

The following pages are directly pulled from the guide. Copy was written by the lead copywriter.

Past Creative

Some of the issues with the older card was consistency. Once we started looking at the campaigns as a whole experience I thought it was crucial to lock down a specific color palette that can be used throughout the seasons.

The older creative used products that were too dark and blended with the backgrounds. This is something I wanted to fix in the new guide.

This was an early round for our offsite banners created by our partners. We have a lot of colors to choose from, but when not using it purposefully hierarchy is compromised and it becomes hard to read. Accessibility is really important to me, when creating the guide I wanted to limit the usage of font colors and focus more on font size to create hierarchy.


Here are some explorations with color. I brought back the purples and pinks to have some connection with the older Mastercard, but soon realized it stepped away from the banking visual language we were trying to create. Other explorations include monochromatic and mixing with blues and teals.


Once the guide was delivered. I worked on the first onsite campaign and was one of the approvers for the landing page. Landing page was created by our partners.

Onsite Campaigns

My day-to-day is creating onsite campaigns. The following examples are considered one-off BAU (Business as Usual) events. I’ll be using the coupon event for a deep dive.

Coupon events consist of three main elements: TOPP, email, and a landing page. TOPPs and emails are the main traffic drivers in coupons and the landing page is the destination. One of the challenges in designing for these multiple spaces is making sure the assets all look like they are part of the same event. My solve was to use the same products and colors.

The rest of the suite is made when TOPP and email are approved internally. The suite contains: emails campaigns, mobile, and desktop banners that live through out the site.


BAU Homepage banners

Spring Black Friday — Seasonal Campaign

SBF falls under Seasonal Moment Campaigns. What the heck does that mean? It’s a huge seasonal campaign that has multiple events, we tied in our SBF events with the use of color, typography, and shapes. The purpose of Spring Black Friday was to hype up the beginning of spring with some sweet home & garden deals.

Designing for home & garden is a bit tricky since products are shaped funky. The top shows some of my solves like zooming into the product, showing different angles, and creating patterns.