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David Madrigal

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Hello hello! I'm David. I am a graphic designer based in San Jose. My love is illustration and typography. Feel free to browse through my work. 

About Me

Currently I'm diving into Ui/Ux design and trying to find a voice in the Bay Area. I have experience in print design and digital work. Recently, I obtain my bachelors in graphic design at the Art Institute - Silicon Valley. I love short drives to amazing restaurants. Tinkering with Oldschool Japanese cars.  Singing or yelling my heart out. Petting animals. Occasional photography and being a kind person to my friends and family. 

Design Approach

When it comes to design, my approach is genuine. What makes a project successful? What can be improve? Who are the viewers? Endless questions before touching the computer. I love being able to pick up a pencil and attacking a problem or doodle head on.

More Info

I am a very artistic human, an analyzer, a goofball, a shy kid, overall I am myself. I'm here to do what I love and make my parents proud.

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