David Madrigal

Chameleon Like

Chameleon Like 2016 - 2017

Chameleon Like creates journals for promotion and retail. Our clients ranged from tech companies to traditional law firms. My daily duties were designing journal mock-ups to aid clients with their projects. Depending on the information and brand guidelines I would compose about 3 options that would fit within their budget.

Outside of my daily duties; I had the opportunity to jump on other projects. I created the above template to introduce our new journals for 2016. 

Multiple sizes for print ads.

Illustration based ads for web and print.

Example of daily duties.


We created a pdf based Case Study to showcase clients our production capabilities from project brief to final product.

The pre-production team and I designed a journal our sales-reps can carry with ease and showcase what we're able to do with our journals. 

Experimenting with packaging.